• Budgeting for bills just got easier

    Keep track of upcoming bills and
    budget for each bill no matter when it's due

  • Never be late on a payment again

    Just tell us when it's due
    And we will tell you how much you need to put away
    and what bills need to be paid on payday

How does it work?

It's pretty simple. Just put in the bills you have every month, the amounts that those bills usually are, and when they are due. Tell us the frequency of you paychecks (i.e weekly, bi-weekly, monthly), and log in the on day of your paycheck. We will tell you how much you need to put away every paycheck and what bills are due before your next paycheck.

Everything is calculated for you and makes your life so much easier. With "Show me" tools built in we will guide you through our already easy to use software and give you tips that could make paying your bills even easier.

We never ask for your personal banking information to keep track of it all. This program was designed to help determine how much money you need to put away each time you are paid. Knowing this information is crucial in knowing whether or not you can afford the bills you have, whether or not you can afford that vacation you are planning, and possibly where you need to cut back on your expenses that may not be necessary.

Some of the features

  • Track how much you have spent on a expense each year automatically.
  • Add additional users like a spouse or a teenage child. So if your teenage son is going to be liable for 20% of the families cellphone bill, the system keeps track of his responsibility for the bill
  • Keep track of confirmation numbers as you pay bills.
  • Keep track of how much money you should have put away for bills
  • Amounts you have to put away for bills vary from month to month depending on how many paychecks are in that month. We have you covered here. Use that extra week to pay off some credit card debt.
  • While no one can really calculate your monthly balance on credit cards, we can help you keep track of what the balance was before you made the payment.
  • Teach

    Teach the teenager in your house about budgeting by setting liabilities for them to follow

  • Save for that
    new furniture

    Set a date in the future and a cost for any item you want and we will calculate how much you need to save

  • Plan

    Planning a family trip that will cost $2000? No problem! Set a date and we will calculate how much to save


An inexpensive budgeting solution

At just $29.99 per year you get peace of mind that your finances are in order. You can add multiple users and liabilities for each user, find out what you spend on bills each year and know exactly what you need to put aside from each paycheck to pay all of your bills. All of this and much more without giving us access to your bank account.